Brasside Wednesday Series

Club member and accomplished match angler Terry Guthrie is hoping to run a Wednesday series on the Brasside complex from the end of March and I have published a provisional schedule for the series below. However, please note that the commencement of this series will depend on when the current Covid restrictions are lifted (including the current ban on all angling competitions). 
The series will be run as a points based series of ten matches (worst two results dropped) although entry to the series is optional. 
Pools £10. Entry to the series is a one off payment of £10 (optional).
Meet at Brasside complex car park at 8am. 8.30am draw. Fish 10.30 to 3.30pm. To enter or for further information, please contact Terry on 07908 876683. 


24th March 2021                           Backwater

31st March 2021                            West Lake

7th April 2021                                East Lake

14th April 2021                              Canal

21st April 2021                               New Pond

28th April 2021                              Backwater

5th May 2021                                  West Lake

12th May 2021                                East Lake

19th May 2021                                Canal

26th May 2021                               New Pond

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