In order to ensure compliance with current social distancing guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic, Durham City Angling Club will adopt the following procedure whilst administering angling competitions. This procedure has been designed to comply with current guidance published by the Angling Trust which can be found here:


All participants must read and follow the guidance set out below;

Booking onto a match

  • All competitors must pre-book with the match organizer if intending to fish the match. This can be done via telephone, email or via the ‘Durham City Match Group’ facebook page.

Car parking

  • Please aim to arrive at the meet point on time and aim to leave the meet point at the same time. This is to minimize the number of people handling the gate/barrier thus reducing the risk of transmission. The match coordinator will manage gate/barrier entry. Please ensure that when parking on the Graham Sports Centre Durham University site that you leave an empty space either side of your vehicle. This is a condition of being allowed to use the car park.

The Meet

  • On leaving the vehicle, strict social distancing measures must be adhered to at all times in line with current government guidance. No physical greetings handshaking etc. to take place.

  • Indoor meeting facilities will remain closed. The meet and draw will occur outside.

The Draw

  • Given the informal nature of D.C.A.C.’s matches, it is not practical for the online administration of the draw or the pools and so the following procedures will be followed to reduce the risk of transmission;

    • Each participant will, in turn, place their entrance fee into a money box and their name will be recorded. You must ensure that you have the correct money as change will not be given.

    • The draw will be undertaken solely by the match organizer who will draw sealed peg tickets from a pot and each peg drawn will be assigned to anglers in the same order in which the pools were recorded. This will be done openly and in front of all participants.

    • When a peg is allocated the angler should immediately make their way to the fishing location as normal.

    • If directions are required, these will be provided after the draw.

    • If more than one set of scales are required, a second scales person will be assigned by the match organiser rather than being determined by the draw. Match attendances will be limited to that what can be comfortably managed with two sets of scales.

The Weigh-In

  • At the end of the competition competitors will be expected to remain at their pegs until the weighing official arrives. Strictly no anglers are permitted to follow the scales.

  • The match organiser will set up a tripod, scales (zeroed) and sling at the nearest suitable point to each competitors peg.

  • The angler should remove their keepnet themselves and transfer the fish into the weigh sling without breaching social distancing guidance (weigh slings of a self-supporting design achieve this). The angler must then step away to allow the weighing official to come in and weigh the fish. The weighing official then calls the weight and the anglers must agree that they are happy with it. The weighing official then returns the fish to the water. The process is then repeated if several weighs are required. Prevailing social distancing guidelines should be obeyed at all times.

  • Hand sanitiser and gloves will be made available for participants to use.

  • Once weighed in the angler will pack up and return directly to their vehicle.

Payouts/Collection of Winnings

  • Social distancing must be observed at all times.

  • Payouts will be placed in envelopes and be made available to collect at the meet point after the match.

  • Hand sanitizer and gloves will be made available for participants to use.

  • The match coordinator will post the results online within 24 hours for all competitors to view.

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