Durham City Angling Club Constitution


1. Name:

The name of the Club shall be Durham City Angling Club (Hereafter referred to in this constitution as “the Club”)


2. Objects:

The object of the Club shall be to provide angling facilities for its members, to promote social amenities and further the interests of the Club and other Clubs or Associations having similar aims.


3. Membership Classes:

There shall be 7 classes of membership i.e. Honorary, Senior, Senior Citizen, Disabled, Intermediate, Junior and Concessionary the numbers of which shall be controlled by the Management Committee.

Nominations for Honorary Membership shall be considered by the Management Committee and presented at the A.G.M subject to clause 11. Para (iii).

Senior, Senior Citizen, Disabled, Intermediate, Junior and Concessionary memberships shall be validated upon payment of the Relevant Annual Subscription and, where appropriate, the Entrance Fee.

Vice-Presidents, Honorary, Senior, Senior Citizen, Disabled, Intermediate and Concessionary members shall have full voting rights. Junior Members will not have automatic voting rights; they will have the right of representation to the Management Committee through the Junior Secretary. .


4. Membership Renewal and Catch Returns:

Application for Membership renewal should be made on the official form* by post, or in person at the subscription Renewal Meeting if held, and will only be considered if accompanied by the appropriate fee. A completed Catch Return Form should be submitted at the same time.

(* To be supplied to members by the Membership Secretary; can also now be downloaded from  the club web site)


5. Suspension or Termination of Membership:

The Management Committee is empowered to suspend, or terminate, the Membership of any person whose conduct is, in its opinion, contrary to the rules of the Club or to the detriment of the Club’s interests. Such action should only be taken after thorough investigation of the circumstances. The member in question should be given a reasonable opportunity to defend or justify his/her actions at a special meeting of the Management Committee held for this purpose.

Suspension requires the agreement of at least two thirds of those present at the Committee meeting in question. The re shall be no refund of Subscription or Entrance fee to any member whose conduct is found to be wanting.

A member who resigns or whose membership is suspended or terminated shall forfeit all rights or privileges immediately, but shall remain liable for the return of any property belonging to the Club, or any dues or debts owed to the Club, which were incurred before the date of resignation/ suspension or termination of membership.


6. Annual Subscriptions (Due 31st January each year):

All Senior, Senior Citizen, Disabled, Student and Junior Members will be required to pay the appropriate Annual Subscription as set at the previous A.G.M. or Special General Meeting. A member who, because of adverse circumstances, is unable to pay the Annual Subscription may, on written application to the Secretary, be granted an extension of time at the discretion of the Committee. Any members found fishing Club waters after 31st January who has not renewed their membership, and who has not been granted an extension of time by the Committee would be subject to disciplinary action. New members joining before 30th September will be required to pay the full Subscription and full Entrance Fee (if applicable) at the discretion of the Management Committee. Persons joining after 30th September will be required to pay 50% of the Annual Subscription plus the full Entrance Fee (if applicable) at the discretion of the Management Committee.


7. Meetings:

The Committee has the power to amend meeting arrangements in the best interests of the Club, and such amendments shall be notified immediately to members.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS. Held on or about the last Tuesday of November, at which Annual Reports and Statements of Accounts shall be presented, relevant elections held, Subscription and Entrance Fees fixed and any rule changes agreed. (See Para.12)

SPECIAL GENERAL MEETINGS. May be called by the Committee and not less than ten members of the Club with signed confirmation upon giving 28 days notice in writing to the Secretary. All signatories requesting said meeting must also attend at that S.G.M.

Written notice of such meetings will be given to all members specifying the arrangements for the meeting and the proposal/s for discussion. No other proposals will be discussed at the meeting.

ORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS. There shall be one Ordinary General Meeting; open to all members, on the last Tuesday in January, and one other should it be necessary during a month to be decided by the Committee.


8. Finance and Assets:

The Financial Year shall be from 1st October to 30th September and the Clubs Records and Statements of Accounts shall be submitted to two Auditors elected at the previous A.G.M.

Throughout the year, the Treasurer shall submit periodic financial statements as required by the Committee. Property belonging to, or held in trust by the Club, shall be insured for amounts at risk determined by the Committee.


9. Management of the Club:

The business and finances of the Club shall be the responsibility of the Committee comprising of those Officers and elected Members specified in Para. 10. The Committee shall meet at least 5 times a year. No Committee meeting shall proceed unless a quorum is present. A quorum is defined as four Officers/Elected Committee Members/Vice Presidents.


10. Officers and Elected Committee Members:

Officers and Committee Members shall normally be elected at the A.G.M. Elections shall be for one year (With the exception of the President and Vice Presidents), with eligibility for re-election.

The Officer posts in question are as follows:-


(i)      President

(ii)     Vice Presidents (maximum of six)

(iii)    Chairman

(iv)    Vice Chairman

(v)     Secretary

(vi)    Assistant Secretary

(vii)   Membership Secretary

(viii)  Treasurer

(ix)    Junior Secretary

(x)     Match Secretary


Elected Committee Members:

There shall be no more than 8 elected members of the Management Committee. However, the Management Committee may, as appropriate, co-opt members of the Club to the Committee.

Co-opted members shall not have voting rights.


Eligibility for Committee Membership

An Officer or Elected Committee member who fails to attend three consecutive Committee Meetings (without reasonable cause) may be invited by the Committee to resign his/her post. No member, who in the previous year, failed without reasonable cause, to attend three of that years Committee Meetings shall be eligible to be a member of the Committee.


11. Terms of Reference:

The Committee is empowered to-


(i)    Appoint Sub-committees for any purpose.

(ii)   Make, amend or repeal such rules and regulations (which are consistent with this constitution) as considered  necessary for the effective management and running of the Club. All rules and regulations shall be binding on  the   membership of the Club until rescinded by the Committee or set aside by resolution, properly proposed,  at an  Annual or  Special General Meeting. The Committee is the sole authority for the interpretation of these  terms and  of these rules and regulations made there-under.

(iii)  Refuse to accept, or refund any Entrance Fee, Subscription or part of same.

(iv)  Fill any vacancy for either Officer or Elected Member of the Committee which may exist after an A.G.M. or be created between A.G.M’s.

(v) Appoint any Trustees as may be required, indemnify all Trustees against liability arising from their authorised actions on behalf of the Club. Trustees to be empowered to exercise all powers of the Club to  borrow money and to mortgage or charge its undertaking, property and uncalled capital, or any part thereof, and other securities whether outright,or as a security for any debt, liability or obligation of the Club or any third party.

(vi)  Rent or purchase any fishing rights on behalf of the Club, and raise any necessary capital to do so.


12. Alteration to the Constitution or Club Rules:

Amendments or additions to this Constitution or to the Rules of the Club can only be made at an A.G.M. or S.G.M.of the Club. Any member wishing to propose any alterations to the Constitution, General Rules, nomination of Officers or Official posts and Committee positions must forward a signed copy of the proposal/s and or nomination/s to the Secretary to arrive no later than 28 days before the date of the meeting at which it is to be considered.


13. Club Assets and amenities:

All decisions made by the Management Committee or at an A.G.M. and S.G.M. in relation to Club assets and amenities must be agreed and ratified by 75% of the Vice Presidents of the Club.


14. Brasside Ponds:

A Management Team of not more than 3 No Committee Members, to be ratified by the V.P.'s, will be responsible for the running, coordinating the development and the operation of the site for a minimum period of 10 years and be reviewed by the V.P.'s and Committee thereafter.

The management Team will prepare rules for the site, which are to be ratified by the V.P.'s and Management Committee and reported at an A.G.M.

As amended and agreed A.G.M. 27-11-2012

Club Constitution