DCAC Rules 2019

D.C.A.C. Rules & Recommendations:


D.C.A.C. Rules

2 ROD rules apply on the West Lake & East Lake


1. Membership Cards and Bailiffing Duties.


All members must carry their Club Card at all times when on Club waters and must produce the Card when required to do so by the following:-


(i) Any of the Club’s landlords.

(ii) Any employee of a landlord of the Club.

(iii) Any tenant or employee of a landlord of the Club.

(iv) Any E.A. Bailiff.

(v) Any police Officer.

(vi)Any authorised Official Club Bailiff or person, including another member of the Club.


Any person falling into one of the categories listed above has, on the production of their authority/Membership Card, the right to inspect the tackle and catch of any person fishing Club waters.

It is the duty of every member of the Club to challenge and inspect documents of anyone fishing Club waters whom they do not recognise.


2. Rod Licences


All members fishing Club waters must have, with them, a valid, appropriate current rod licence.


3. Guest Permits (D.C.A.C. waters only)


Guest Permit Application and approval


All guest permits need to be authorised via the Membership Secretary. In the first instance, please send an email message to the Membership Secretary at dcacmembership@virginmedia.com. Include: Your Name, Membership Number, Guest Name and the Place and Date fishing You should allow 48 hours for the approval to be granted and you will receive an email back to confirm the Guest Permit has been approved. This will be your proof should a bailiff ask for membership details. Each member is allowed a maximum of 1 guest permit per day and no more than 3 days in a membership year. A guest must fish in an adjoining peg to the member on all waters except the West Lake where they must fish the same swim and the normal 2 rod rule applies to the peg. Guests are only permitted to night fish Monday to Thursday


4. Non-Members.


No member is allowed to take non-members with them when fishing any of the Club's waters unless that visitor is in possession of a valid Guest Permit. (except where that person is covered by Rule 5 below)


5. Spouses, Children and Grandchildren


A member’s spouse is allowed to fish D.C.A.C. Club waters if accompanied by the member as is his/her children/grandchildren if under the age of sixteen. This membership benefit is intended for occasional use, any regular use by a member and this benefit may be withdrawn.


6. Access to water and general behaviour


Members must only use recognised paths to the waterside and not trespass. Members must not:

(I)  Light fires.

(ii) Damage fences, trees or the banksides.

(iii) Take dogs with them.

(iv) Leave litter.

(V) Leave gates open.

(vi) Insult any landlord, tenant or anyone associated with the land in question. Behave in a manner likely to cause damage to the Club’s relationship with any of it’s riparian owners or generally harm the welfare or image of the Club.



7. Takeable Trout.


No trout under 9 inches(230mm) in length when measured from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail may be kept. (10 inches/250 mm Dunelm A.A. waters) All undersized trout must be returned carefully to the water with as little injury to the fish as possible.


8. Bag and catch limits (trout)


No more than six non-migratory game fish may be killed by a member in any one day (see specific water rule for variations) The committee may, at its discretion, reduce the bag and catch limit for a period deemed necessary.


9. Retention of fish


Subject to Rule 9 on page 21 all coarse fish caught on Club waters  shall be returned alive to the water before the angler concerned leaves the water, Keepnets must always be used if fish are not to returned to the water immediately except in the case of carp over 5lbs(2.3kg) which may be kept in a keepnet during an organised competition, but which under normal circumstances shall be retained in a carp sack. (one fish per sack)

** Please read new EA National Bye Laws re the retention of fish. New size and species limits apply from 2010



10. Keepnets


Keepnets and landing nets used on Club waters, or during Club matches and outings, must be of the “knotless” variety . Keepnets must not be less than 8ft. (2.5mts) in length with circular rings of not less than 18 ins. (450 mm) in diameter, (or 18 ins. [450 mm.] by 14 ins.[355 mm.] minimum if rectangular), and rings spaced not more than 400mm. apart throughout the length of the net.

Sacks; only one fish to be kept in a sack and only for the minimum time required. Fish should not be kept overnight.


11. Foul-hooked fish


All foul-hooked fish must be returned to the water immediately.


12. Distance between anglers (on rivers)


No member shall fish less than 12 yards (11 metres) above or below another angler who is bottom fishing, or 25 yards (23 metres) above or below another angler who is fly fishing without their permission.


13. Litter.


Any member found leaving litter, discarded tackle etc. on any of the Club’s waters may be called before the Management Committee and may be expelled from the Club without refund of subscription. Each member is responsible for his/her own litter which should be taken home and disposed of.



14. Radios, Cassette players etc.


The playing of radios or any other sound reproducing equipment by members or their guests on Club or Associated waters is prohibited unless used with personal earphones.


15. Complaints and correspondence


All complaints , giving the name, address and membership number of the complainant, should be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary. Correspondence requiring a reply should be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope.


16. Maximum number of rods.


No member shall use more than two rods when fishing running waters controlled by the club - at Brasside a maximum of TWO rods are permitted on the East and West Lakes.


17. Junior Members.


Junior members of DCAC shall not fish, be present on any club/association waters, land or property, after the hours of sunset and before the hours of sunrise (or at times to be decided by the General Management Committee)  unless accompanied at all times by a parent/legal guardian who must also be a Senior member of Durham City Angling Club. When fishing at Brasside a junior member must occupy the same peg/swim as the parent member. (Rule introduced AGM 27-11-2012)


18. Anyone found to be under the influence of alcohol  will be asked to leave the club water for their own and others     safety (Our insurers do not cover and other anglers could be put at risk)

(b) Anyone found to be in procession of illegal drugs will be reported to the appropriate authority and if found guilty will have their membership terminated



When introduced, all EA Bye Laws to over-ride all Club rules and regulations