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New Pond

Situated at the south east corner of the complex the E shaped pond was dug in May 2017 for a cost of £7,487. The pond is u shaped in section and is 1.5 meters deep.

After being dug, the pond quickly filled during wet weather and a snowy winter. It quickly attained a depth of 1.5 Mtrs (5ft.). Unfortunately, in the following Spring the level dropped to around 1m.

Trenches dug at the east side of the pond exposed a system of clay field drainage pipes. Despite blocking off all the pipes, that were exposed, the level stayed at 1m; rising during heavy rain only to drop again.

In an effort to find the extent of the drainage system, Durham University were engaged to carry out a Geophysical mapping of the area around the pond, in March 2019. Unfortunately, there is so much “debris” in the ground the geophysical pictures were ill defined and the herring bone system could not be determined.

It was then decided to dig a slip trench all the way round the pond. (£1250) This exercise took our contractor 5 days and was entirely successful. Several pipes were exposed and blocked off, with the result that the pond now maintains a level of 1.5m, affected only by the weather and evaporation and is not leaking.

Over the first 2 years several members fished our other ponds and transferred many good healthy Roach, Rudd and other silver fish to the new pond. Somehow Perch also found their way there!

The pond was opened for fishing in 2021 after an initial stocking of F1s, Bream, Tench (including a small number of golden tench) and Crucian carp.
The decision to use F1s as the principal fish was in line with club policy for Brasside; to aim for 5 different fisheries, to provide a variety of venues and types of fishing, at the same time providing a more than an adequate number of pegs on site.
A further stocking of F1s and Bream was carried out in early 2022 and level pegs have been dug out.

The pond is now very popular with the regulars and is ideal for pole fishing and also as a teaching pond for young anglers

Catches of 80 -100 fish are not uncommon.

Stocking requirements are reviewed yearly.

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