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Durham City Angling Club do not issue Day Tickets. Guest Permits have to be applied for - and issued by - the Membership Secretary.

Junior and Intermediate Members CANNOT apply for Guest Permits


Downloadable Application Form

Membership Renewal is due from 1st February 2020.

Current Members & New Members can purchase memberships as follows:-


  • On Line  (note:- There is a £2 processing fee for this service)

Use this link to access the ‘Clubmate’ registering system


  • At Brasside. This method not available due to Coronavirus restrictions.​

  • By Post

Send a completed application form together with your fee (cheques only please no cash) and stamped self-addressed envelope (SAE) to the following address:-  

DCAC Membership,

 22 North View  


Co. Durham


  • Allow 2 weeks for processing. If you do not supply an SAE you will not receive your membership card.


All members will have to renew


Senior £60

Retired/Disabled: £40  

Intermediate: £25   (members 17 - 22 years of age) 

Junior: £10


3  Year Membership    Now Available  £165

5  Year Membership    Now Available  £250


All members, current and new, will receive a new membership number







New night fishing rules apply to Junior members i.e. Junior members MUST be  accompanied by :

  • A parent/legal guardian.

  • A blood relative no further removed than aunt or uncle.

  • An appointed coach, bailiff or Committee Member providing a  risk/consent form has been completed.

All juniors wishing to night fish must be accompanied in the chosen fishing peg by one of the above. If the supervising adult is not a member they are not permitted to fish.


Guest Permit Application and Approval

Pllease give sufficient notice for the Membership Secretary to respond (at least 3 days)



All guest permits, fishing or not, need to be authorised via the online booking system or Membership Secretary

1) In the first instance please contact the Membership Secretary by email at info@durhananglers.co.uk

Each member is allowed a maximum of 2 guest permits per day and no more than 3 days in a membership year.

2) Provide the following details:


  • Your name

  • Membership / ID number

  • Guest name and date of birth.

  • Date fishing or viewing complex

  • Guest permit for viewing Brasside will not be deducted



A guest must fish in an adjoining peg to the member on all waters except the West Lake, where they must fish the same swim and the normal 2 rod rule applies to the peg. Guests are only permitted to night fish from Monday to Thursday.




1) To qualify for the RETIRED category you must be at least

65 years of age on January 31st 

2) To qualify for the INTERMEDIATE category you must be

17 years of age and no more than 22 years of age on

January 31st

3) To qualify for the JUNIOR category you must be no more than 16 years of age on January 31st

4) To qualify for ANY category, NO APPLICANT should have been refused entry to any Angling Organisation or have been found guilty in court of any angling related offences

5) Junior anglers 13 - 16 years of age MUST have an EA Licence, even though these are currently free

Please remember that our Committee Members are volunteers and not paid members of staff. Please use the contact methods given and avoid telephoning them during working hours. 

A zero tolerance policy is in force with regards to abuse.

Please also note that the club email is not continually monitored.

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