Caught on red silver blade flying C.

This beautful 5lb 1oz Chub caught 16/1/2020 by Peter Evans peg 15 Maiden Castle using maggot feeder.

Join us and try your luck!

Maiden Castle: River Wear

(double bank) & Durham Beck



Park only in the locations shown and please do not obstruct any gate entrances to fields.


Downstream from the upstream boundary fence at Shincliffe Hall to Maiden Castle.


  • March 15th to June 15th ( i.e. Coarse fish close season) any legal method but no ground baiting, loose feeding and no maggot in any form (lease read EA byelaws)

  • June 16th to March 14th, (inclusive) any method allowed but ground baiting by swimfeeder only.


The Committee recommends the use of barbless hooks at all     times. However, hooks larger than size 10 must be barbless or crushed barb.


D.C.A.C. control the fishing downstream of the A177 road bridge on the north bank (University sports ground ) down to the old rail crossing and from the A177 road bridge downstream to the high wall (downstream of Durham beck and opposite the rowing club) on the south bank. i.e. Both banks can be fished by Club members.


Both banks of the Durham Beck up to the old railway can also be fished by D.C.A.C. Members. Fishing on the south bank now extends down to the start of Pelaw woods at the concrete wall. Downstream from this point to Elvet bridge is free fishing


Fishing is similar to that found upstream  above the bridge but roach can also be taken, especially towards the back end of the season when fish over 2. lb have been recorded in matches. Barbel are also featuring more than in the past with fish over 10lb being taken last season.


Parking is in the lay-bye close to the river at the end of the lane to Haughall Farms or on the south side of the bridge on the lane to new Durham Farms. Please do not block the gate access.


The Rose Tree pub has a new owner and parking in their car park without asking has caused problems recently, however a courteous enquiry might help, especially if buying a meal/drink. Good food at a reasonable price.


It is recommended that all members read the E.A. Byelaws as new night fishing bye laws apply when targeting sea trout and salmon

Maiden Castle


This section has two dedicated bailiffs patrolling it daily we have work party’s along this section doing on-going bank side improvements for fishing pegs and access. It has a good run of game fish showing and a lot of brown trout.


The coarse fish are good along this section a lot of Chub that were stocked a few seasons ago are now showing at the 4 to 5lb mark and bigger at times, meat cube on a hair rig works well for them and that tends to stop the brown trout bothering you.


The E.A has just stocked this stretch with 2000 small Barbel on the 4th Dec 2014 with the help of some of our bailiffs on the day.

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