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Night Fishing Rules and information

1.     The right to night fish will only apply when you have held a full membership (Senior, Retired,Intermediate) for the preceding twelve months; with no exceptions.

Winter tickets can count toward the 12 month qualifying period for night fishing only if they are immediately followed by a full membership for the next season. Guest ticket holders are not permitted to night fish.

2.     On West Lake, only swims that are designed to site a bivvy can be night fished.

3.     On East Lake, only designated swims on the causeway can be night fished. Signage is displayed showing the Night fishing swims. (Other swims around the East Lake are currently being reviewed)

4.     There is a maximum 48 hours limit with no return for 48 hrs.

5.   Fishing will be on a first there first served basis.

6.     There are now official bailiffs who will be enforcing the rules.

Please note:

  • Our Bailiffs are on the complex to provide support and assist in the smooth running of the fishery. They are there to ensure fish wellbeing and site safety.

  • Checks will take place to ensure all Fishery rules are being upheld.

  • Anyone putting themselves or others at risk or acting in an aggressive or belligerent manner will be asked to leave the fishery/water; this may result in immediate termination of membership. (as per the Constitution Article 5 para 3.)

  • We have excellent neighbours, please keep noise down and comings and goings to a minimum. Avoid ordering food to be delivered to the site late at night.

Should you require additional information or clarification of the above please call:-

07841509708 or email


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