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Prebends & Cathedral Waters


Water Rules:

1. Ground-baiting (by swim-feeder only) and loose feeding are only  allowed between 16th June and the following 14th March.

   Please read  EA byelaws


2. Hooks larger than size 10 must be barbless or crushed barb.


3. The stretch upstream of Counts House to just below Kingsgate Bridge, and the other small section  marked in RED on the above map is     private fishing controlled by St Chad’s College.  Members are not entitled to fish these.           


D.C.A.C. control most of the fishing on both banks around the peninsula on which Durham Castle & Cathedral stand, one of the Worlds most spectacular skylines and a World Heritage site. These two sections of water always produce some excellent catches of dace, chub and roach in the winter months, ( the new national record dace, 1lb-05oz-02drms came from the County Hotel water directly upstream.) and Prebends is one of the few stretches of river in the whole North East of the country that can produce barbel in mid winter. Summer catches of double figure nets of small barbel are now being reported with news of some big catches of chub taken by anglers fishing carp style on boilie baits are now emerging. Parking.


As with most City Centres these days, parking can be difficult during the day time. Some members park in the multistory car parks at Milburngate, and the new Prince Bishops shopping centre, but please check the opening hours before as some are not 24 hour opening, whilst other’s make use of the park and ride scheme currently operating on Saturday departing form County Hall car park. Some parking, although ticket, is also available at Pimlico at the top of South Street, on the opposite bank to the Cathedral and close to Durham School just off the A177 Stockton road

E.A. Byelaws apply at all times

Please Note: Almost all parking in the City is street Pay & Display or Multi-Storey



This picturesque stretch of river has always produced chub to 4-5lb with many being taken in the same day. The fishing can produce anything from Brown Trout to grayling/perch/gudgeon & Dace, double figure Sea Trout to specimen Barbel and salmon. Chub are present throughout.


The Cathedral/Prebends stretch consists of mainly deep slow water beneath towering valley sides in Durham. Usual tactics feeder and stick float methods do well. The access has been an issue over the years with  Sunday being the best day due to  free parking most parking at the top of the bank for the 400m walk.


The E.A. have just stocked the river lower down at the sands with over 2000 Barbel for this season. This section has one dedicated bailiff please get in touch if your interested in helping out.

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