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Shincliffe Hall



1. Park only in the locations shown in the maps and please do not obstruct any gate entrances to fields or Shincliffe Hall.

2. Above the upstream boundary fence of Shincliffe Hall.(This rule amended AGM 2015)

    a). June 16th to March 14th any legal method allowed but ground baiting by swim feeder only

    b). March 15th to 15th June , Coarse fishing close season (see EA  Bye Laws)

    c). No more than 2 brown trout May be killed in any one  day.

3. The Committee recommends the use` of barbless hooks at all times. However, hooks larger than size10 must be       barbless or crushed barb.


Dedicated members maintain the pegs, cut back invasive weeds, make and maintain pathway and undertake willow planting and willow weave work to stop bankside erosion. 


The River Wear at Shincliffe Village is divided into two sections. From the Old Hall and upstream for about one mile the river is ideally suited to fly fishing, and from the 16th June to the 30th September bait fishing is restricted to the use of worm and bread only.


From 15th March-15th June (both dates inclusive) Fly and worm only. From 16th June -14th March any legal bait can be used.

The water holds a good head of brown trout and good catches of grayling have been reported during winter months with fish over 3lbs being taken.

As with most stretches of the Wear, in the right conditions good returns of salmon & sea trout can be made.

The section also holds a good head of chub and dace, with the Angling Times Teams Championships and Wear Championships fixtures being won from here several times .


Parking spaces are provided for D.C.A.C. members to the left of Shincliffe Hall.


As Durham Cathedral (Dean & Chapter) own the fishing rights, DCAC members (and their guests) do have access down Hall Lane and to the parking adjacent to the Hall.


Upper Shincliffe


This water starts from Shincliffe Bridge up river on the south side all the way to the Shincliffe Hall. This stretch holds many trout. It also has a good head of coarse fish.


Above the Hall


This stretch is on the south bank up river from the hall and goes all the way up to and just past the footpath that runs up into the woods.

This stretch is magnificent for game fish, shallow, fast with deep runs and it also holds a good head of coarse fish with lots of trout.


Shincliffe Hall, Hall Ln, Shincliffe, Durham DH1 2SY, UK

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