Formed in 1962, D.C.A.C. control several excellent stretches of the River Wear in and around the City and is one of the longer established clubs in the region.

Durham City Angling Club, one of the fastest growing clubs in the area, has waters to satisfy the needs of all freshwater fishermen, from salmon/sea trout and specimen/specialist coarse fishing on the River Wear to still-water coarse/match/specimen fishing on its five lake still-water complex at Brasside...and all for the same very affordable annual membership fee, amounting to no more than the cost of half a dozen ‘commercial water’ day tickets (and less than 2 day tickets in the case of a Junior member under 16). Members' spouses fish for free, as do their children and grandchildren under the age of 16.* 
 *Restrictions may apply at Brasside.


Welcome To Durham City Angling Club

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Pollution of our rivers.
The following information has been passed to us by Jim Bumby, Secretary of the Wear Anglers Association.
We all know that our rivers are not very clean and that the EA have recorded over 400,000 discharges of sewage in the last year. If anyone saw the recent BBC Panorama programme, that was quite scary!. Check out the discharge map produced by the Rivers Trust at

You can zoom in to see what is happening on any particular section of any river. 

 Worth checking out but be prepared to be shocked!


There has been a confirmed case of Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) at a local fishery some 18 miles south west of Brasside.

KHV can destroy 80 to 100% of a sites fish stocks!

In view of the foregoing a Net Dipping Station has been set up at Brasside.

There is a DIP barrel and a RINSE barrel. The Dip barrel contains a disinfectant called ''Virkon Aqua''recommended by the Fisheries Health Inspectorate.

Anyone who has been fishing at still-water venues, in the recent past, is required to disinfect their nets and unhooking mats before fishing any Brasside water.

Items to be disinfected should be submerged or be wet with disinfectant for 15 minutes then rinsed.

Protect your fish stocks!



Coronavirus update

Despite the easing of restrictions by the Government you are still advised to be vigilant and careful

The virus is still being passed in the community


  • You are advised to maintain social distancing at all times.   

  • Having reviewed the night fishing policy, the responsible club officers feel that there has been no significant change in both the clubs ability to provide a safe hygienic sanitised toilet that meets the Angling Trust guidelines, or the threat of coronavirus to the community.

     Therefore the 'No night fishing policy' will remain in effect until significant change is evident.

     In appreciation for members adhering to the policy, the hours of daylight fishing can now be               opened up and fishing allowed from dawn till dusk

The club insurance will not cover members outside of these hours.

  • Please do not visit club waters if you are suffering from Coronavirus symptoms.

  • For your own and the safety of others please use hand sanitiser before and after touching gates and locks. Disposable gloves are recommended.

  • Fishing with lures and spinners, at Brasside is prohibited for the duration of the Coronavirus crisis.(Details on notice board on site)

  • You may use keep nets

  • we will review the situation on an ongoing basis and make changes as required.

The Angling Trust has published New advice for anglers and clubs.Please take the time to read it.  Click on the link below to access this information,14QE1,2RQUS8,3ZLMY,1




Please note that if you are a renewing member but have not used the online system before then you must create and accont as though you are joining anew. For this please use the green "Join the Club" button below.

 There are two ways of obtaining a membership for 2022:-

ON LINE (Preferred method if you have an email address and a bank account.)

Click on this "Join the Club" button to take you to the 'Clubmate' registration page and follow the instructions.

 BY POST (for those who don't have an email address)

Send a completed application form together with your fee (Cheques only please no cash) and a stamped self - addressed envelope (SAE) to the following address:-

         DCAC Membership

22 North View,


            Co. Durham DH7 8SQ

Allow 3 weeks for processing. No callers please. No SAE no ticket.


Stocking at Brasside 2021


 Stocking Plan for 2022

Large Carp (Min. weight 8/9lb) to the value of :-    £1000

Medium Carp (around 2lb weight) to the value of £ 400

Chub    6 - 8-ins               200.             £779

Tench   6 - 8 ins               200.             £760

Bream  4 - 6 ins              200.              £360

             6 - 8 ins              300               £840

F1's      6 - 8 ins              300               £735

Total                                                     £4,874

Membership Renewal Due 1st February 

There is a £2 admin. fee for joining on line.

Senior  (21 - 65) £60


Pensioner (65+) /Disabled:                     £40  

Intermediate (17 - 22): £25  


Junior (up to 16): £10


3  Year Membership       £165


5  Year Membership     £250





Please note that 



With the opening of the coarse fishing season imminent please be aware that Quarryheads Road and Margery Road in Durham City have been designated as Buses and Local Traffic Only.

There are cameras and people have been fined.


 In Memory

Graham Hedley V.P.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Graham Hedley on 3rd January 2022. Graham was a founder member of Durham City Angling Club,which was established in 1962. Graham served as Club Secretary for almost 50 years, and through his hard work and foresight the club developed into what we enjoy today. Always at the forefront of our development Graham was instrumental in the enhancement of the facilities at Brasside.

An tribute from the Chairman.

I worked with Graham for over 40 years, on the committee, and as a V.P. Graham was Durham City through and through and was dedicated to promoting Angling across the board.Graham always put the club first; it would be impossible to estimate the enormous amount of time he spent working for the club.

Graham was the unseen hero, working tirelessly in the background ensuring the club was run professionally meeting all requirements.

Graham was the one paying attention to the fine detail, ensuring that everything was correct and transparent. 

One thing I can say is that without Graham there would not be a Durham City Angling Club.

As a person Graham was a true gentleman,always courteous and polite,a pleasure to work with.I have personally lost a good friend and colleague, but worst of all the club has lost Mr. Durham City Angling Club.

Rest in peace Graham, you will be irreplaceable.

Andy Sinclair

 Chairman (acting) and VP

Graham's funeral is on January 26th 2022 at 2.00pm Durham Crematorium, afterwards a wake at the Honest Lawyer,Croxdale