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Welcome To Durham City Angling Club

Formed in 1962, D.C.A.C. control several excellent stretches of the River Wear in and around the City and is one of the longer established clubs in the region.

Durham City Angling Club, one of the fastest growing clubs in the area, has waters to satisfy the needs of all freshwater fishermen, from salmon/sea trout and specimen/specialist coarse fishing on the River Wear to still-water coarse/match/specimen fishing on its five lake still-water complex at Brasside...and all for the same very affordable annual membership fee, amounting to no more than the cost of half a dozen ‘commercial water’ day tickets (and less than 2 day tickets in the case of a Junior member under 16). Members' spouses fish for free, as do their children and grandchildren under the age of 16.* 
 *Restrictions may apply at Brasside.


     See the latest newsletter from the Angling Trust & Fish Legal


Graham Hedley and Ian Dennison

Tributes to Graham and Ian -- founding members of this club -- both sadly passed away in 2022 -- can be seen on 

the Club Officials page.

The Brasside gate code has been changed to that shown on your 2024 membership documentation.

Pike Fishing at Brasside

As the result of a resolution passed at the AGM on 26th of April 2022 Pike fishing at Brasside is prohibited between May 1st and October 1st every year.

During the closed season all lure fishing is prohibited.

27/04 /2022 updated 07/06/22

No Day Tickets

"NEW!"                      Membership 2024         (fees due Feb.1st )

        2024 memberships now on sale, valid until January 31st 2025

Prices:-                      Senior                £70

                                  Retired               £45        (over 65)

                                  Intermediate       £25   (aged 17 to21)  

                      3 Year membership       £195 

                      5 year membership        £325           

                                 Junior                  £Free ( up to 17th Birthday, for non members children)

Children/Grandchildren may fish free with Parent/Grandparent members (see rule 5)

See further down this page or membership page for how to join and conditions on Junior membership.


Pollution of our rivers.
The following information has been passed to us by Jim Bumby, Secretary of the Wear Anglers Association.
We all know that our rivers are not very clean and that the EA have recorded over 400,000 discharges of sewage in the last year. If anyone saw the recent BBC Panorama programme, that was quite scary!. Check out the discharge map produced by the Rivers Trust,click this link

You can zoom in to see what is happening on any particular section of any river. 

 Worth checking out but be prepared to be shocked!


Dip Your Nets

Prevent an outbreak of Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) 

KHV can destroy 80 to 100% of a sites fish stocks!

 A Net Dipping Station has been set up at Brasside.

There is a DIP barrel and a RINSE barrel. The Dip barrel contains a disinfectant called ''Virkon Aqua''recommended by the Fisheries Health Inspectorate.

Anyone who has been fishing at still-water venues, in the recent past, is required to disinfect their nets and unhooking mats before fishing any Brasside water.

Items to be disinfected should be submerged or be wet with disinfectant for 15 minutes then rinsed.

Protect your fish stocks!



Brasside Matches.

2024 Spring Series Canal Matches Click here

2024 Spring Series Water Closures Click here

2024 Carp Matches


Club Clothing

Club Clothing bearing the club logo is now available through Clubmate.

10% of the purchase price is donated to the club. click the button to see the range available.

IMG-20230608-WA0001 2.jpg

A Brasside sunset

21st Nov. 2023


Ice on the East lake

1st Dec. 2023



Please note that if you are a renewing member but have not used the online system before then you must create and account as though you are joining anew. For this please use the green "Join the Club" button below.

 There are two ways of obtaining a membership for 2024:-

ON LINE (Preferred method if you have an email address and a bank account.)

Click on this "Join the Club" button to take you to the 'Clubmate' registration page and follow the instructions.

 BY POST (for those who don't have an email address)

Send a completed application form together with your fee (Cheques only please no cash) and a stamped self - addressed envelope (SAE) to the following address:-

         DCAC Membership

22 North View,


            Co. Durham DH7 8SQ

Allow 3 weeks for processing. No callers please. No SAE no ticket.


Download application form

Stocking at Brasside 2022

New! Interim stocking   28/10/2022

In late October the committee was made aware of a quantity of Carp to about 3lb that were available from a local accredited fish farm. The deal was too good to pass up and the decision was made to spend £1450 which bought us 276 fish weighing a total of 658lb. These have been put (101) in to the Backwater and (175) into the East lake.


Stocking February 2023

31 Carp 5 to 8 lb for £1000 were put into the West Lake.

200 Tench 6"-8" were split between the East Lake, Canal and New Pond. (£840)

200 Bream 6"-8" (£600), 200 Carp 6" -8" (£540) 500 Crucian Carp 4"-6" (£690)

Were split between the East Lake, New pond, Canal and the Backwater in various amounts. The total cost was £ 3,670.

Membership Renewal Due 1st February

Memberships now on sale, valid until January 31st 2025

Senior  (21 - 65)            £70

Retired  (65+)               £45

Intermediate (17 - 22):  £25 

3  Year Membership    £195

5  Year Membership    £325

Junior (up to age 17)  £0


There is no charge (£0) for a Junior membership.

A Junior member (Children/ Grandchildren of nonmembers) must register as a member on our online system or by post to the address shown on the website.

 Junior members must be supervised at all times when on club waters by a parent or legal guardian or other adult as designated in writing to a club official by the parent or legal guardian.

Parents, Guardians or designated Adults who are not themselves members of DCAC, and do not fish, should contact the Secretary requesting a concessionary membership.

What 3 Words


Club Members Only.jpg
Please note that 
Anchor 1

Canal Closure Notice.

The Canal water will be closed to host matches on the following dates

 Tuesday 7th May 2024  & Monday 15th July 2024

DCAC  member John Austin has written a book entitled Game Fishing in The North Country: An Historical Miscellany. It is due to be published by Coch y Bonddu books at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

North Country cover  (1)J austin.jpg

" The original Durham City Angling Club was founded in March 1893.They had as their official newspaper The Northern Angler which was very like The Fishing Gazette."

Click on the book to go to the website

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